Container Business

Injection & Blow Moulded Container Business

Sizes and specifications
Injection moulded& Blow Moulded Containers& Caps are available in sizes from 50ml to 20ltr and 25kg. Injection mouldedContainers are available with tinting lids and spout also available.

Injection mouldedcylindrical containers with outside lid fitting are also available( OFC). These are manufactured with high impact PPCP and are tamper evident with rip off. These can be stacked one above other and has specially designed handle. These are available in 1/2ltr, 1ltr and 4ltr sizes.

Blow Moulded containers are available in sizes from 50ml – 5 ltrs . Standard tablet containers , syrup bottles are available of the shelf & we can design & develop the moulds as per specific need of our esteemed customers.

These containers are widely used for packing in:
· Paint
· Pharma
· Agro industry
· Pesticides
· Lube industry
. Pharma
. Cosmetics
. Food

Manufacturing facilities
Our associate company has manufacturing plants at Rohtak and Delhi and we have tied up for capacity utilization for supply of containers from North to all customers. Our associates are leading manufacturer and providing Quality product incorporating the following innovations:

· Product Design and Developments, meeting specs laid by our clients.
· Mould Development from dedicated third party and in house tool rooms.
· Optimum material selection.
· Optimization of process control.
· Frequent product testing.
· Total Preventive maintenance

Company is ISO 9001 certified Company which is a leading manufacturer of Injection moulded containers for industrial use and is in fore front in Injection moulding technology adhering to strictest standard which has the unique capability and to meet the very specific functional needs of customer. This has helped in achieving greater height in customer satisfaction. Company is dedicated for providing the better product and service that exceeds the customers need and expectation by delivery schedule and competitive prices.